TableTalk: Garden Party

Balmy summer evenings are perfect for hosting a garden party. To help bring your gatherings to the next level, wow your guests by adding linens from this fabulous collection.

Linen Names from Left to Right: Fern, Olivia over Plum Satin, Parchment Lace over Clover Satin, Madison (pictured in Featured Image), Raspberry Silk, Penelope over Petal Satin, Coral Satin


Don’t have a garden? Bring the garden to your party with floral linens! Call today and let us help you design the perfect summer evening.

When Fashion and Table Linen Collide

Here at Special Occasions, we turn to current trends in the fashion industry to draw inspiration for creating our linen inventory. Summer is filled with a multitude of trends, both new and retro.


Wearing an array of colors at one time is a summer trend that never goes out of style. The multi-color ballet flat is almost identical to our Spectrum linen…maybe our linen was the inspiration behind it?


Ruffles have quickly become a summer staple. A simple ruffle can spice up any outfit, and dressing a table in flowing textures will bring life to it. Pictured here is our Red Roses and Vibrato.

Statement Jewelry

Adding a piece of statement jewelry can bring a sense of glitz and glam to a simple tee. Introduce a statement table into your party for a glitzy pop. Let our Diva or Gypsy be the bling in your event space

All White

White has always been a summer tradition, hence the rule you can only wear white from Memorial Day to Labor Day (although we know that we are all guilty of breaking this rule). Bring this classic summer staple into your event by adding our crisp White Eyelet.


Florals for summer are another staple that continue to pop up in our wardrobes each year. Our Tulips and Madison linens make the perfect addition to a garden party or poolside dinner. An example of fashion and table linen colliding is our lovely Rebecca, in a botanical print that is almost an exact match to our photo floral.